“Aula” de oito minutos

Não estou mais como tutor neste semestre, nos preparativos para a conclusão da tese, mas segue a leitura ocasional sobre a técnica de classe. A ideia aqui é interessante como complemento para as classes “flipadas” e o aumento da interatividade entre os alunos e professor.

I noticed that students had difficulty understanding the content in a way that enabled accurate and deep application without some framing from me. In short, I needed to lecture—at least a little. This is when I began the eight-minute lecture. If you’re worried that eight minutes is too long, I discovered that when students experience many short lectures throughout the semester, they learn to focus in those bursts, in part because they know the lecture will be brief.

Fonte: The Eight-Minute Lecture Keeps Students Engaged

Can We do Better than R-squared?

Tom Hopper

If you’re anything like me, you’ve used Excel to plot data, then used the built-in ?add fitted line? feature to overlay a fitted line to show the trend, and displayed the ?goodness of fit,? the r-squared (R2) value, on the chart by checking the provided box in the chart dialog.

The R2 calculated in Excel is often used as a measure of how well a model explains a response variable, so that ?R2 = 0.8? is interpreted as ?80% of the variation in the ‘y’ variable is explained by my model.? I think that the ease with which the R2 value can be calculated and added to a plot is one of the reasons for its popularity.

There’s a hidden trap, though. R2 will increase as you add terms to a model, even if those terms offer no real explanatory power. By…

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Instalando o LaTeX

Dica do Hyneman, que tem um ótimo site sobre previsão e estatística (inclusive com livro-texto grátis). LaTeX é uma linguagem de marcação que facilita na hora de escrever artigos com fórmulas. Você escreve o texto usando os marcadores e depois um programa “traduz” para o formato de revista tradicional.


Down­load and run the setup pro­gram for Mik­TeX. Choose the “basic” system.

Down­load and run the installer pro­gram for TeXs­tu­dio.

Then run TeXs­tu­dio and start typing.

via Hyndsight – Getting a LaTeX system set up.