Promoções nos emergentes

Taí uma extensão interessante possível pra minha dissertação de mestrado. Quem se habilita?

How should price promotion strategies be modified in an emerging market e.g., India, China compared to those employed in developed markets e.g., USA, Canada? Specifically, how should the presence of middle-class consumers with limited ability to pay, prevalent in an emerging market, influence the depth and frequency of price promotions offered by competing firms? Lay intuition suggests that firms should promote more frequently and offer deeper discounts in emerging markets, in order to effectively sell to limited income, middle-class consumers. We construct a theoretical model that investigates the effect of the middle-class segment on firms\’ price promotion strategies. Contrary to lay intuition, our analysis reveals precisely the opposite results. First, price promotions offered in an emerging market with middle-class consumers are shallower than those offered in a developed market without middle-class consumers. Second, relatively deep price promotions occur less frequently in an emerging market, compared to a developed market. These theoretical findings are consistent with the empirical evidence we gathered from the supermarkets in India and in Canada.

via Price promotions in emerging markets.


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