De novo, ABM

Pequeno resumo nesse debate do que é ABM, o que dá pra fazer, se não é a mesma coisa de antes (não é)…

For those of you just tuning in, I’ll attempt to sort out this clüsterfüken shortly. For now it’s important to know that the heart of this debate is over what an ABM is or isn’t, and what economic researchers can or can’t do with them. And here everyone gets it slightly wrong. But everyone also gets it mostly right. After a few minor corrections, I believe all differences will be reconciled. However, in order to understand these minor differences we have to be able to see things through the lens of a programmer — the person who actually understands and decides how an ABM functions. After all: no software, no ABM.

via Introduction to Agent-Based Models with respect to the Future of Macroeconomics | Zachary David’s.


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