real-world economics review – issue no. 65

Novo RWER. Me parece interessante pelo menos o último artigo do Fullbrook.

Real-World Economics Review Blog

Issue no. 65, 27 September 2013  
You can download the whole issue as a pdf document by clicking here    

In this issue: 

Regression and causation: a critical examination of econometrics textbooks          2
Bryant Chen and Judea Pearl          download pdf 

Diagrammatic economics          21
John Pullen          download pdf 

A plea for reorienting philosophical attention from models to applied economics          30
Gustavo Marqués          download pdf 

A Copernican turn in banking union urgently needed          44
Tom Mayer          download pdf 

A monetary and fiscal framework
for macroeconomic stability in the European Monetary Union         
Thomas Oechsle          download pdf 

The experience of three crises:
the Argentine default, American subprime meltdown and European debt mess          65
Víctor A. Beker          download pdf 

Global output growth: wage-led rather than profit-led?          116
Leon Podkaminer          download pdf  

Striking it richer: the evolution of top incomes in the United States          120

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