Some thoughts on economics

Pequena resenha muito bem organizada sobre as críticas à teoria de firma. Cita Darwin mas não Nelson ou Winter (parece proibido… é rara essa citação). Ajuda a correlacionar essas ideias micro ao contexto econômico geral.

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Peter Radford

My instinctive entry point into economics is through business. What is called the “Theory of the Firm” plays a key role in shaping what I see, think, and try to explain. Business, of course, gets frequent mention throughout economics, with most varieties of general theory claiming to place it somewhere inside the theoretical constructs. But pick up almost any textbook and the treatment of business is at best a weak caricature and at worst a laughable display of ignorance. Economics as it exists today in its mainstream form is of no use whatever to anyone seeking to understand the reality of business. Our extant theories of the firm are failures in that they attempt to see the world through a neoclassical lens whilst that lens obscures anything remotely real from view in an effort to retain the equilibrating perfection of the closed system envisaged by Walras. The…

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