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Edição especial do Journal of Economic Beahavior & Organization: sobre economia e evolução!

Rethinking economics from an evolutionary perspective

David Sloan Wilson, John M. Gowdy, J. Barkley Rosser Jr.

http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jebo.2013.05.004, How to Cite or Link Using DOI

This special issue of JEBO is based on a multi-year collaboration between the Evolution Institute (http://evolution-institute.org/), a think tank that formulates public policy from an evolutionary perspective, and the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (http://www.nescent.org/), which is dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in evolution. The 2008 economic collapse motivated us to organize a catalysis meeting titled “The Nature of Regulation: How Evolution can Inform the Regulation of Large-scale Human Social Interactions”, which led to a series of workshops held at half-year intervals under NESCent’s working group rubric. Workshop participants were drawn from an advisory group of over 60 colleagues representing a melting pot of academic disciplines.

via Rethinking economics from an evolutionary perspective.

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