Tipos de professor de economia

Um momento de descontração. Mais no link no pé de página:

  • Smithian: Day 1, teacher walks in and sits down, points at books. Students figure it out. Some students do not.
  • Ricardian: Same as Smithian but this time the students learn who is good at learning topics and who isn’t. They swap each other for information and tips until one student becomes grand poobah and charges all the others (possible short cut if teacher intervenes and charges beforehand).
  • Malthusian: There is only so much spaces available in the classroom so the first students get the seats. The rest have to watch press their ear to the window as they watch from outside.
  • Pigouvian: Each student is charged for every wrong answer and paid for every right answer.
  • Darwinian: System whereby students develop natural advantages through the exhortations of their mothers upon their teachers.
  • Keynesian: The students submit work, teachers mark it. The more they submit the more we mark and fill up our assessment spreadsheets. Everyone seems to be learning more and more. Student leave eventually and fail to ever learn anything again due to their inherent need to be spoon-fed.

via An Economists Guide to Teaching Styles.


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