Por um instante eu achei que ia falar de profit-sharing, participação nos lucros. Deve ser a vida pessoal invadindo meus pensamentos econômicos… Mas é um bom texto sobre a parcela dos lucros no produto.

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Dean Baker

The battle between President Obama and the Republican Congress has become a major spectator sport as we approach the end of the year. While this political dispute may provide for good entertainment, unfortunately it is having the effect of displaying the state of the economy as an issue in the public spotlight.

This is really unfortunate, because the economy can definitely use some help. Rather than offering help, the real question with the budget standoff is how much further we will impair economic growth with further cuts to the deficit. Rather than posing a problem, the deficit is a crucial support to the economy at present and it is likely to remain a crucial support for the foreseeable future.

The simple story of this downturn, and indeed for much of the last two decades, has been one of inadequate demand.

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