Tratamento rigoroso do tema, usando um quasi-experimento na Inglaterra e mostra alguns resultados positivos, apesar das ressalvas.

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C. Criscuolo et. Al

A Short Summary 

In a Nutshell

Most governments have industrial policies that claim to foster productivity and employment etc. but it is not possible to tell if they are just financing activities that would have been undertaken regardless of state funding. Comparison of outcomes with other firms does not work as a counterfactual as the sorting into firms that receive funding is far from random. This paper uses data from a quasi-experiment where changes in the eligibility criteria for assistance for the UK Regional Selective Assistance programme caused a change in the areas that were eligible to receive funds. Using RSA data they find that there is a large effect on the treated for employment, investment and probability of exit, and these effects are seriously underestimated if endogeneity is ignored. They cannot however rule…

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